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Heal in ways you’ve never known before in Evansville, Tennessee!

Birds of prey have long been the symbols of nations and the idols of civilizations.  Their powers of healing have been touted by the Egyptians, Native Americans, many Southern American civilizations, and many other ancient and modern cultures.  They are the stuff dreams are made of, the fastest, strongest animals on the planet, despite their inherent fragility.  They are considered to be the messengers to the Gods.  Their electro-magnetic auras vibrate at a very high frequency, making them healers and guides.  Having studied spiritual philosophies my entire life, I love nothing more than expounding on the nature of the healing abilities of birds of prey, particularly for those who are challenged by handicap, mental/emotional issues, personality disorders, troubled youth, veterans – all can find healing and grounding with these creatures.  We are happy to offer these opportunities to these groups and to any group.  Our spiritual ethos is healing.