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This is ME with Mindanao, one of the world’s largest and most endangered eagles, a Philippine Monkey Eagle.  Yes, you guessed it!  They do hunt and consume eagles in the wild.  They are native to the Philippines ONLY, and very few if any exist outside the Philippines.  There are fewer than 300 still believed to be in existence.  They are critically endangered.  We support the Philippine Eagle Foundation, based in Davao City, by providing FREE equipment from our Wing Bling Falconry Braided Equipment company, and we are working with PEF to outsource our designs and braiding to an already identified village in the Philippines, providing work and funds locally which will help with the necessary education needed to save this iconic eagle, as well as funds for captive breeding and the rehabilitation and re-release of wild, injured eagles.  Please click on this link to support the PEF and their efforts.  We will be donating a percent of profits as well once our business is in full swing.  So your patronage helps in the future of this, to me, the world’s most beautiful eagle.

a bird standing in front of a woman

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