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Falcon Experiences in Nashville, Tennessee




About Wing Blade Falconry

Wing Blade Falconry is the evolution of my search for the deepest connection between my self/soul and the rest of the World. I spent years chasing people, places and things outside my self, thinking I would somehow feel whole and therefore happy, when I obtained them. I went from investment banking to my greatest worldly success in music as a songwriter/singer/producer to spiritual practices to property development and now over the last 4 years, birds, particularly birds of prey…


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WOW! My wife booked this as part of our 30th Anniversary and it was stellar! What an amazing experience learning about, and interacting with, these majestic birds of prey. This is one of those experiences you won't forget! While we were there, we also learned that Holly will bring her birds to private events, as well. Incredible experience that is well worth the time, effort, and money to experience. Thanks, Holly, for your passion to preserve these great "super heroes" for future generations.

– Royce D | Google
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This is an amazing experience. You can fly real raptors and marvel at their beauty and mastery. Get up close and personal with some of nature's most majestic creatures. You will learn about the history, species classes, and amazing superpowers these creatures possess. Your heart and soul will soar as u meet and come to know the spirit in their nature. You will get to see Falcons, hawks, vultures, owls, kestrel. See how they hunt eat and socialize. It was Amazing to see the bite right through bone. We will be back.

– Robert M | Google
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What an amazing and unique experience. I went looking for a special birthday gift for my wife and ended with an adventure for the whole family. Getting to see, touch, hold and learn about the raptors, Holly and Kathy were both wonderful and super knowledgeable. Time flew by, the kids were engaged and excited, we enjoyed it, would definitely recommend it and will probably have to come back now that my daughter decided she also wants to be a falconer.

– Gilad R | Google
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Incredible experience like no other! Absolutely the best way to celebrate a special birthday. Husband totally loved it and wants to go back again ASAP. Holly Lamar, the owner/falconer is an amazing person with a true calling for the work. Her passion and enthusiasm for the spiritual dimension of working with these glorious creatures is an inspiration. We learned a lot and were uplifted by the proximity to such soaring greatness. I need way more than five stars to properly rate this adventure!

– Holly B | Google
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I took two classes here and learned the ins and outs of falconry. I gained more respect for the animals. Seeing them up close is a powerful reminder that all wildlife is special and worth protecting. I highly recommend to anyone seriously considering pursuing the falconry lifestyle. Thanks Holly!

– Gabby L | Google
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My son and I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Holly and her birds. It was an unforgettable experience. She has exceptional knowledge of the birds. She does a fantastic job in explaining the different types of raptors, and the art of falconry. The birds are magnificent, and it was so cool to interact with them. It is a unique experience. Truly a once in a life experience. We hope to make another visit in the future.

– Jeffrey S | Google