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Private Hour with Our Hawk, Falcon or Owl

Quick Details

Group of 1-2
Group of 3
Group of 4

A closeup and private experience with an exotic hawk, falcon and owl!

The session starts with our exotic hawk, falcon and owl safely tethered in our garden for you to see up close! We give a short talk on their superpowers and magic, particularly how they are used in falconry. You will be allowed to handle at least one if not several of the birds, depending on which ones are available that day.

We then focus on 1 of the birds for an immersive 20-min flying and handling time.

You will be able to take photos and videos with the birds! We ONLY use non-indigenous CAPTIVE BRED raptors. These private sessions are conducted safely and as stress-freely as possible based on how the birds are manned/trained for the ancient practice of falconry. You will also be given information on how the birds are used and how they operate in the wild for the benefit of conservation/education.