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Our Defenseless Birds of Prey

a close up of a bird

On August 3, 2022, our 13 DEFENSELESS, voiceless birds of prey were TAKEN unnecessarily by TN Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), without warning or charges! Abe (augur buzzard), Sophia (saker falcon), Grisabella (eagle owl), Houdini (aplomado falcon), Dart (american kestrel), Maggie (aplomado), Faith (peregrine falcon), Levi (peregrine), Georgia (harris’ hawk), Rico (saker), Bernie (aplomado), and Bubba (barn owl) were unnecessarily taken from their special HOMES. I believe I have ALL the necessary state & FEDERAL permits to possess my birds, all of whom were immaculately cared for with PRAISE & over 60 – 5* reviews proclaiming my knowledge for wildlife education, my passion & my obvious love for these birds. They are IN DANGER being housed in aviaries they are not used to with people they do not know!

I’ve hired SPECIALIZED LEGAL HELP including a wildlife law expert but it is likely minimum $25,000 to fight the warrant, defend any charges AND, in the event of no charges being filed, filing an INJUNCTION to bring my birds HOME!

Meanwhile, my business is stalled and I am being told it may be weeks or even months until they decide whether they think I have even broken any laws, while my birds remain seized and kept by unknown strangers.

Please HELP ME GET THEM BACK safe and happy with the only person they have known and loved all of their lives. THEY ARE THE VICTIMS IN THIS. No donation is too small!!

Watch the short documentary film on our wildlife education efforts/experiences, featuring our birds of prey who have been SEIZED….



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