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Group of 1-2 People
Group of 3 People
Group of 4 People Maximum number of people

A closeup and private experience with one of our avian friends at Nashville, Tennessee!

Prefer a smaller private experience focusing mainly on one bird? Book an hour where we perch out in our garden one of each of our exotic species for you to see/handle PLUS you can focus on 1 in particular and a small flying time of 15-20 mins can be part of this hour IF the bird is currently being flown. You will be able to handle and take photos as we ONLY use non-indigenous CAPTIVE BRED birds. These private sessions are conducted safely and as stress-freely as possible for the bird and its current condition. These private sessions are ALL based on how the birds are manned/trained for flying. You will be given information on how the birds are used and how they operate in the wild for the benefit of conservation/education.