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Quick Details

Participant Ages 6 and older. Ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Call for individual requests for younger participants.

Get a hands-on experience with our exotic birds here in Nashville, Tennessee!

The session starts with an in-depth, up-close and fascinating introduction to our birds and their spiritual and practical purposes. We start with our exotic birds safely tethered! The entire experience is as magical an event as you can have! PLEASE NOTE: currently our birds of prey are not included in this experience due to permitting issues; however, we DO give our BIRD of PREY TALK! You will meet & fly our adorable African Pied Crow, Sacred, who also likes head rubs! Our South American “Kissing” Caicque Parrot, Winston! And participate in a PRIVATE Dove release after which they fly around for the rest of the experience in formation!

We fly the birds on an adjoining beautiful 6-acre farm. For dove release – we do a small meditation beforehand, write down anything we wish to transform or release, put it with the birds and then let them carry the message to the heavens.

More Information

Everyone gets a chance to handle the birds and fly the ones we are currently flying. For those too young or afraid, you still get to see them up close and personal. Given the handling of the birds, we cannot allow participants under the age of 6 years old without prior approval.

Please Note:

Our classes take place outdoors. BRING water, sun block and bug spray. We have a strict dress-code in place for the birds’ wellbeing. Wear neutral color clothing, no skirts or billowing fabric, nothing fuzzy or furry. No bright colors, neon anything, pink, red, orange. Wear greys, dark blues, brown, black.